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Up, Up & Away!

Our story started on a rainy day in April. Four months later we've got sunny skies and soaring sales - thanks to all of you!!

While we can't say it's been an easy road, it sure has been an adventurous one.

We've learned A LOT about food processing machines, chocolate handling and product packaging, shipping and delivery.

We've been up before dawn and awake past midnight.

We've tried and failed and tried again. And again.

We've spent so much hands-on time with our machines that they now have proper names...Gertie and Guido, whom we love dearly and want to strangle half the time!

We've got some high hopes and big plans for the future, and we can't do it without you.

Thanks for the love, and the orders. We hope you'll stick with us through the continued journey. And years from now, we hope you're all still saying:

"I <3!"

PS: From now until Labor Day, 9/2/19, we're doing a give-away on our Facebook page, @MaineNeedhams. Be sure to check it out!

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