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Mark Your Calendar!

We're coming up on our four-year anniversary as owners of the Maine Needham Company, and we have to say, it's been an amazing journey! Some of our favorite highlights include:

  • Being featured on Boston Channel 5 Chronicle and Maine Channel 13 Maine Makers

  • Presenting on Career Day at our local elementary school

  • Sharing Maine Needhams at the Maine Historical Society's annual Open House

We also hired our first of part-time employees, and signed a lease on a new commercial facility - more on that to come. Move-in day is around the corner!

But the most exciting thing about this year is that we now have an official, state-sanctioned holiday!

Last year we reached out to our local state representative, Maggie O'Neil, with the request for our Governor to issue a proclamation in recognition of 150 years of Maine Needhams. Although the proclamation wasn't approved, Representative O'Neil decided to present a bill to establish and actual Maine Needham Day - and it passed!

Going forward, the last Saturday of September will officially be Maine Needham Day. So mark your calendars and stick around, because we plan to celebrate!

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